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Take a tour of the shop where we film all our videos, and learn a little more about what we do!
In this Your Restoration Garage Shop Tour, you will be introduced to all the things inside our shop. In the office, you will see the 1950s oil pump as well as the 1955 pickup couch. The pickup couch was the leftover parts of the 1955 pickup here we have at our shop. You will also see the 1918 gas pump
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Check out more videos at Oil Pump Disassembly The first step in restoring this vintage oil pump is the disassembly. Here...

How to Gas Weld

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Martyn shows you how to gas weld, using our 1970 Barracuda. This is also the fastest way to do things because after you have done it, it is already a finished product. You do not have to grind it – it is one piece again.


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